About us

The Manifattura Cinturini of Arignano, an Artisan leatherwork  laboratory, was founded in 1985.


The passion for horses and for ancient crafts has led us to take care of leather saddles, harnesses and everything else served to the practice of riding, so we found and visited  the old saddlers craftsmen remained in Italy.


These traditional techniques leatherwork, transported into the world of watch straps have enabled us to achieve outstanding results, the best of what is produced today in Italy.


Our history has been characterized by innovative and courageous insights as to propose a  bombè watch strap for a technical watch as the Breitling Chronomat, which at that time was strictly and solely manned by steel  bracelet; the courage was rewarded by determining a global success.


With the same courage we have designed a completely new brand, "D.Verso®" in which we put  all our know-how; the aim is to fill a specific need of the market, which offer a complete range of products compatible with the Best Seller of the most prestigious brands in order to ensure  the consumer  a more dynamic  alternative at a reasonable price.


Our mission, "Best Quality at Better Price", is to reinvent and dress watches with the most prestigious of the dresses that look fashion trends.


We are a Tailoring Atelier where we sew the  handcrafted  dress of the Watch Strap that faithfully accompanies us during the day and wish you could integrate seamlessly with the ornamental style of the owner and to be performed in any possible occasion, society, sports or work.